Our mission is to empower educators to engage students in order to impact communities.

Empowering Educators

  • By providing professional development that builds the pedagogy of leaders and

  • By creating a systematic approach to data-driven instruction

  • By collaborating with leaders and teachers to develop a team approach in response-to-intervention (RtI)

Implementing Best Practices

  • By training teachers in effective instruction in the 90-minute reading block

  • By facilitating an effective delivery of tiered intervention instruction

  • By maximizing existing resources to be successful in literacy

  • By equipping teachers with evidence-based classroom management techniques

  • By continuing to educate teachers in brain-based research of “what works” in the classroom

  • By promoting multisensory strategies that achieve high student engagement

Impacting communities

  • By assisting schools in partnering with community leaders and volunteers

  • By educating parents in literacy activities to build awareness of the importance of reading at home

  • By engaging students to become productive citizens who will be future leaders in their communities


Dr. Mary Dahlgren

Mary E. Dahlgren is a national literacy consultant and child advocate from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Dr. Dahlgren’s longstanding interest in early childhood and elementary education has compelled her to spend much of her career working directly with classroom teachers to embrace the science behind reading. She provides training on how to provide the best first instruction along with implementation of effective interventions for struggling readers.  She is also the president and founder of Tools 4 Reading and recently developed a phonological awareness and articulation program called Kid LipsKid Lips is an easy-to-use tool designed for all students, but is especially effective for teachers to use to help Spanish speaking students understand the differences in phonemes between the two languages. In addition to Kid Lips, she also designed and authored Tools 4 Reading Sound/Spelling Cards, a quick reference to common phonics patterns in the English language.  Dr. Dahlgren is a National LETRS Trainer and the author of Fundamental of Literacy Instruction published by Voyager Sopris Learning in 2016.


Janice McPhail

Janice McPhail is a South Australian state literacy consultant and student advocate. Janice’s longstanding interest in early childhood and primary education has compelled her to spend many years of her career working with classroom teachers and preschool staff to embrace the science behind phonological awareness instruction and reading acquisition. 

Providing training on how to implement the best first instruction, along with strategies for effective interventions, Janice works with schools and preschools to facilitate literacy skill development and address literacy difficulties.


As a Director of Literacy Concepts Pty Ltd, Janice provides instruction for students and literacy consulting services. Janice has adapted Dr. Mary Dahlgren’s Tools 4 Reading educational resources for use in Australia and she is honoured to be part of Dr Dahlgren’s Australian Tools 4 Reading roll-out. 

The Australian adaption of the Kid Lips phonological awareness and articulation program will assist preschool, junior primary and primary students with their speech development and be of benefit for students learning to read. Furthermore, the Kid Lips program, will be especially useful for teachers to help EAL/D students understand the phonemes of Australian English.


Dr. Dahlgren’s Phoneme-Grapheme Instructional Cards, will provide a much needed, quick reference guide to the common phonics patterns of the English language for the Australian context.