Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2017

    Pennsylvania Department of Education Annual Conference - March 2017 

Kid Lips – The importance of articulatory features and teaching phoneme awareness for beginning and struggling readers. Teachers of Spanish speakers will benefit from this instruction by learning about the comparisons and contrasts from Spanish to English phonemes. 

Daily Reading Routines – Increasing the impact of tier 1 instruction using repetition in a fun and engaging manner. This workshop focuses on letter recognition, alphabetizing, grapheme awareness, phoneme awareness, irregular word routines, vocabulary, handwriting, and developing oral language to teach grammar to write sentences. 


    Plain Talk - New Orleans, Louisiana February 2017

Building a Sound Wall for Reading and Spelling Purposes – Learn about differentiating between phonemes, letters, and graphemes while building a bridge to orthographic awareness. 

Strengthening Tier One Instruction – Refocus your morning warm up using efficient, effecting, engaging ideas for Pre-K – 3rd grade. Learn how to strengthen instruction through daily routines that build on a hierarchy of skills necessary for students to become proficient and skilled readers.